"Let me write the first sentence and not know where it goes." YES! ๐Ÿ™Œ

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I've often thought of going on a writing retweet but it would be a ridiculous waste of money in my case because I write best when I'm alone, either in the sense of being on my own, or being in a place like a cafe where nobody knows me. I hate interruptions. For instance, having someone say good morning to me while I'm writing an article in my head would spoil my whole day.

"I was short on underwear and... on patience." Such a wonderful sentence: well-balanced, a hint of bathos, and humorous.

"Itโ€™s only bolstered my conviction that thereโ€™s two main approaches to writing โ€” inside out and outside in."

Well put. I need a sentence to start or finish with, or a quotable turn of phrase, or the title before I can make much headway.

I don't think I've ever brought up underwear in a conversation. I must try harder.

Why is that your favourite quote?

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When you bring up the the sensory moment my mind shifts to the Moss Beach Distillery, a charming restaurant with an ocean edge terrace of fire pits and benches, complementary blankets, and an extensive dog food menu alongside a happy hour. They know my dogs by name upon arrival. Famously haunted, I eventually had an experience with the blue lady, a great story topic and something I want to branch into outside of my strong lean to the rom-com genre for fictional screenwriting. Thanx for that lightbulb.

I am backlogged! I have three screenplays, and a possible completely separate supernatural story to make into something (different and more epic than the Blue Lady moment). A fist full of priorities are held in the mix so much that I really just want to clone myself twice to get it all done.

One thing actors allow themselves is a full range of emotions, whether it be the most rosy or so icky only a bath can soothe. When I want my mind to operate in a specific way, for example I want to write on romantic ideas and attitude reflects โ€œForrest Grump,โ€ I take a moment for a speed griping. I open my journal and voice to text all of the irritation until it is out of the way and I can breathe beyond it. Purged! Then I meditate a bit on the direction I want to flow, support it with mental imagery, and begin dialogue. It is only human nature to feel cranky at times, no red flag, youโ€™re not a robot. I recall my grandfather in his 90s stopping me to say, โ€œ Donโ€™t worry if I leave for a bit. I sometimes take a drive along the lakefront to clear my mind and feel good.โ€ We do what we need to handle ourselves.

I want to visit Greece! I feel so much like a Cinderella, itโ€™s sad. What if the art commissioning gent who wooed me in the park on an August songwriter Wednesday was actually my Greek Prince Charming? Will never know, though Iโ€™m giving myself some adventure to Sonoma to see Jonathan Richman play. It a bit of a ride home, though reasonable.

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Alicia, the wandering here from literature to lingerie defines your charming, funny and intellectual voice. Have you read Saunders' _Lincoln in the Bardo_-- a book that saved me during the week of shiva for my son. xo Mary Look for an email from me soon.

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