Hi Alicia, thank you very much for the mention. What's this book club? I'm really pleased you gave up on Infinite Jest: I've started and stopped several times, and knowing I'm not alone in that is a great source of comfort, given that everyone says what a fantastic piece of work it is. I have to say, I have absolutely loved what I've read - I'm a huge fan of Foster Wallace -- but I've never got enough time to continue reading it before I forget what I've read, if you see what I mean. So my experience of Infinite Jest is a sort of literary Groundhog Day.

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Alicia, I do have to say that life is not too short for David Foster Wallace, whose own life was indeed too short—but then I've read Ulysses by Joyce four times.So, go figure.

I love Terry's Substack and had already read his post that includes 'long ass' and a fab link to you, dear Alicia.

For short, fabulous books consider Colm Tóibín though not The Magician because it's long, though wondrous, and consider Julian Barnes--everything he writes is short and he is truly marvelous. I have a long list of favorite books and wish I could join your bookclub. xo ~ Mary

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Alicia, I love your writing and your sense of humour, and it seems like ages since you wrote anything, although I realise now that it's only two weeks. Please write something soon.

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Tapping out around page 300 of 1079 could be graduation from entertainment addicts anonymous. Is the entirety of the book intended to read, or understand individual duration to the stop button? Such an awareness concept from the author would not surprise.

Entertainment is necessary to me as oxygen, and in my hometown of New Orleans there is more music to breathe than one could ask. I never thought with concern for addiction or negative impact until technology took a part. I always considered it healthy and social to spend 3-4 evenings a week attending live music, theater, artist receptions, or whatever to-do. I was born that way! To me, entertaining is a caring and loving.

I wish I had a book club around to enjoy! The social aspect is wonderful. When I find a read that keeps my attention like a good lover and I don’t leave my bed for the whole weekend aside from gathering coffee or fruit, and to bathe I know I’ve found a keeper for the shelf. Since I do not have one in hand, tonight I’m going for something cinematic since my TV has barely flickered for five months. I do combine exercise with watching, which I can’t do unnoticed in a screening room.

So glad you enjoyed the Folsom Fair comment, and thanx for the mention. I can’t believe I’m still here and never felt like I really fit into San Francisco, or perhaps I have not found genuine fulfillment (just paycheck addiction). The last 14 days I had zero hot water, and finally get to regroup and reach for tomorrow’s progress. Face mask from Lush required! Have a beautiful weekend.

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