Hi! My name is Alicia Kenworthy — I’m a writer and performer based in Washington, D.C., and this is Catalectic, a Substack borne from a love for literature and an easily distractible mind. On other corners of the internet, you may recognize me as either a once-upon-a-time reality TV talent or outspoken advocate for criminal justice reform.

The broad theme for this newsletter is “thoughts inspired by things I’ve read” — literary fiction, mostly — a theme I hope leaves room for both critique and commentary as well as neither-here-nor-there digressions, personal essays, anecdotes and stories. I write for the same reasons most anyone does, I think — first to figure out what I’m thinking and then find out if anyone else has thought it, too.

The way this works is you subscribe, and every other week or so I drink three cups of coffee and obsess over line edits until I have a draft of something halfway coherent, and then an e-mail then lands in your inbox, and then I can’t sleep because I’ve had too much caffeine.

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