I really admire the name of this Newsletter and your conception of quality storytelling. I was deeply moved even by just spending a few minutes trying to interview you. It makes me wonder at my typically solitary and dull approach to writing and creating online.

When I see people like you who appear to be living life to the full with so much passion and variety of experience, artistry and humanity - I'm humbled that creativity has so many doors as their are people. I cannot even convey this impression easily with words.

There's a soul of writers in the poetry of their freedom of expression, that does not condescend or pretend to be other than what they are, and in your enthusiasm I felt the flame of art and life colliding in the most puissant of kaleidoscopes. I suspect henceforth every time I read your words, I will be reminded quietly of it.

Let's go Catalectic!

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yessss, stoked to read your words again!

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